GLOW UV400 Water Purifier
Revolutionary Ultra-Violet light and Carbon Block filter for great tasting water.
                 Go Clean       Go Green

Bottled water is the #4 unnecessary expense!  STOP buying bottled water and purify your household drinking water with GLOW UV400.

C hoose the best alternative to buying bottled water!
E njoy state-of-the-art water purifier in your own home.
  • Filters to improve taste, odor and clarity
  • Purifies to reduce disease-causing bacteria and viruses (without chemicals)
  • Long-lasting Carbon Block Filter
  • Retains beneficial minerals and nutrients
  • Enviromentally friendly
The Glow UV400 provides an unlimited supply of clean and fresh tasting drinking water on demand in the kitchen or bathroom.  Countertop or space saving wall mount (included) place the Glow UV400 most anywhere in the home, or away from home.   Stop buying bottled water, save money, save our environment and enjoy great tasting safe mineral water.


Glow Water Purifier

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: $287.00
Glow UV400 Water Purifier
Glow UV400 Countertop Water Purifier with Carbon Block Filter and UV Light Technology

Additional Filter

Carbon Block Filter $59

GLOW Replacement Filter - recommended once a year 
Carbon block filters have a high contaminant removal ratio.
Activated carbon bonds to thousands of chemicals. In fact, carbon will bond to most chemicals known! When water is forced through the solid carbon block, it is forced to slow down and increase the contact time with the carbon, allowing the carbon bonding to take place to remove the chemical pollutants like toxins, pesticides, THM's, chlorine, bad tastes, odors, etc. 
FREE Reusable Bottles

TWO reusable water bottles (one stainless steel and one plastic) included FREE with every GLOW UV400 purchase

reusable plastic water bottlereusable metal water bottle