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The GLOW UV400 Water Purifier is the only in-home on demand system to combine ultraviolet light technology with a unique carbon block filter that provides you with pure, safe and delicious water straight from the tap. No other in-home water purification system gives you the satisfaction of reducing more disease-causing contaminants than the GLOW UV400. We encourage you to read further how effective the 5-step process works.
1. Blue Button
  • One touch button for all functions and easy operation
2. Electronic Microprocessor
  • Unique features of powering the UV lamp and solenoid valve
  • Assures proper dis-infection and optimum UV-output
  • Longer lifespan of electical componants
  • The same model can be used in different countries
3. Solenoid Valve
  • Constant water output of 2.5 liters per minute
  • Automatic safety output of water flow
4. Carbon Block Filter
  • Reduces pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful contaminants
  • Drastically reduces chlorine taste and odor (to a near 100%)
  • Improves taste and smell of drinking water
  • Designed for easy replacement every 1500 gallons, or one year of normal family usage
  • How does it work?
    Carbon molecules tend to bond together. Most health-related contaminants in tap water contain carbon molecules which tend to bond with the carbon filter. The UV400 carbon block-filter attracts and trap carbon-based contaminants as water passes through the block. Other organic contaminants also tend to adhere to porous surface and so the carbon-block filter attracts these contaminants as well. The UV400 carbon-block filter reduces more possible health-effect contaminants even withouth the UV light.
  • Does not take away healthy minerals
    Healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium and tooth-decay-fighting flouride do not have a carbon base, which means they do not bond with the carbon-filter. They simply pass through the filter and out to your water.
  • Even when you think your water is "good", you will be surprised by the improvement and difference in taste when you drink the water purified by the UV400. Try it! 
5. UV (Ultra-Violet) Chamber
  • Effectively destroys disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water (more than 99.9%)
  • Maintenance free, normally lasts lifetime of unit
  • Large stainless steel chamber assuring high UV dosage for effective disinfection

Glow UV400 Water Purifier
Glow UV400
: $287.00

Glow UV400 Countertop Water Purifier with Carbon Block Filter and UV Light Technology more info