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Advanced UV & filtration technology together with

Swedish design and innovation

present the new GLOW UV400 purification process.




  • Every American home needs a device to purify and filter their drinking water. The municipal water delivery infrastructure is aging and potentially unstafe.  Potable well water requires frequent testing, and is at risk on a daily basis from industrial and agricultural contamination.  It's not unusual for your tap water to not only taste bad, but also be filled with toxic heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, chlorination by-products, biological parasites or viruses.  Ultra-violet purification and carbon block filtration adds a critical layer to protect your family's daily water supply.

  • Healthy and safe drinking water is produced by GLOW UV400, which reduces over 140 contaminants and effectively destroys over 99.9% of disease causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water, while retaining beneficial minerals and nutrients necessary for healthy, great tasting water.   


      GO GREEN!

  • An estimated 26 billion plastic bottles were sent to U.S. landfills for disposal in the last 5 years, using 14 billion barrels of oil to produce, fill and transport them.  *The Nielsen Company 

  • Large corporations spend millions of marketing dollars each week to create the perception that bottled water comes from some magical pristine mountain spring or pure underground aquifer.  Most bottled water is little more than tap water in a bottle.  

  • Most doctors recommend drinking 48 to 64 ounces of water per day for an adult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  That's more than 1400 plastic bottles per adult each year.  Home water purification is by far the most economical, most convenient and most effective way to produce an unlimited supply of high quality, healthy water. 

       Go GLOW!          

  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Simple Installation 
  • Great Taste
  • Very Economical
  • Enviromentally Friendly 

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