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GLOW UV400 produces pure, safe mineral water at the touch of the Blue Button

          Removes disease causing bacteria and other viruses

          Effectively reduces chlorine and 140 other harmful contaminants 

          Improves taste, smell and clarity

          Retains beneficial minerals and nutrients in drinking water

  Filters the tiniest of particulates improving clarity

  Effectively reduces chlorine taste and smell

  Destroys more than 99.999% of disease-causing bacteria, e-coli and other microorganisms

  Destroys more than 99.99% of viruses

  Effectively removes harmful chemicals and many other hazardous contaminants in water i.e. mercury, lead, radon, pesticides and many others

  Tested and certified by Alcontrol Laboratories in Sweden*

  Retains beneficial minerals and nutrients in your drinking water

Great Convenience

          No more bottled water, no more transporting heavy bottles/cases and storing them

          Easy to use, flexible installation to faucet or water line under the counter

Elegant and Sleek

          Patented water purifier specially developed and designed to complement any kitchen

          Saves space--can be placed on kitchen counter or easily attaches to the wall 

Unlimited amount of drinking water for less money

          One time buy, lifetime of use

          No costly maintenance

          Bottled water could cost thousands of dollars each year, true savings 

Environmentally Friendly

          No unnecessary waste of plastic bottles and water containers

          Low energy consumption

* ALcontrol aims to be the leading Environment and Food testing group in Europe. Through its network of laboratories it services customers in 11 European countries and provides support to customers globally.  ALcontrol tests soil, water, food, oil and air for contaminants or hazardous substances to allow our clients to ensure health and safety, comply with law or conserve the environment.  ALcontrol has over 2000 employees, 30 laboratories and service centres and over 100 logistics points for collection of samples in 11 countries.