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Limited Warranty

The GLOW UV400 Water Purifier will not prove defective (as defined below) under normal use for ninety days from the date of purchase. An item will be considered defective if it is defective in materials or workmanship and if the defect materially impairs the performance as defined in the instruction manual of the GLOW UV400 Water Purifier to the original purchaser.

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • Any GLOW UV400 Water Purifier that has been subjected to any use that is different than or inconsistent with the use in the instruction manual of the GLOW UV400 Water Purifier
  • Any GLOW UV400 Water Purifier that has been subjected to any abuse, accident, physical damage, improper installation, alteration, neglect, (including, but not limited to, lightening, flood or fire). 
  • Any GLOW UV400 Water Purifier that has been damaged due to improper repair, modification, alteration or maintenance by anyone. 
  • Any defect or diminished performance caused by the use of any part or accessory that is not compatible with the GLOW UV400 Water Purifier.

How will the use of non-authorized parts or accessories affect the performance of your GLOW UV400 water purifier?

Performance claims relating to the GLOW UV400 Water Purifier were developed through testing of the complete system as designed by the manufacturer, and as installed and operated as recommended by the manufacturer. The use of replacement parts or accessory attachments not recommended by the manufacturer may result in diminished system performance. GLOW UV400 does not warrant the performance of any non-GLOW UV400 parts or accessories.
How and when you must make a claim under this limited warranty?

For service under this Warranty in the United States, please contact your local distributor, retailer or online point of purchase for further instructions as to filing claims for warranty service.

No warranty claim may be made unless the purchaser has notified the sales agent of the GLOW UV400 of the claimed defect no later than 30 days after the end of the applicable warranty period.

Other important limitations

If GLOW UV400 fails to repair or replace any defective item within a reasonable time, its liability under this Warranty will in all events be limited to the purchase price of the defective GLOW UV400 Water Purifier. Except as provided under Federal, or State laws, no person is authorized to or may modify or expand the warranty provided herein, waive any of the conditions and limitations of this Warranty, or make any different or additional warranties with respect to the GLOW UV400 Water Purifier.