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ETL certified 
 ETL certification

Is the ETL Listed Mark legal equivalent to the UL and CSA Listed Marks?
The true legal requirement to test and certify products for sale in the United States is a designation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). An NRTL functions to provide independent evaluation, testing, and certification of any electrically operated or gas- and oil-fired product. Intertek is recognized as an NRTL in the United States


What's the difference between the UL, CSA, and ETL Listed Marks?
Both marks demonstrate that the product that bears it has met the minimum requirements of widely accepted product safety standards as determined through the independent testing of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). And, as part of that testing regimen, the product manufacturer has agreed to periodic follow-up inspections to verify continued compliance.

What does the ETL Listed Mark mean when displayed on my product?
In short, the ETL Listed Mark indicates that your product has been tested by Intertek, found in compliance with accepted national standards, and meets the minimal requirements required for sale or distribution. To your distributors, retailers, and customers, the ETL Mark is assurance that the product is compliant with safety standards, having been tested and certified by a third-party organization.

How long has the ETL Listed Mark Been Around?
ETL has been around over 100 years. When manufacturers apply Intertek’s proprietary ETL Listed Mark to their products, the letters ETL carry with them a long history of innovation, influence, and independence. In fact, the original Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) was founded by Thomas Alva Edison in 1896.
GLOW UV400 Water Purifier
Pure safe mineral water at a touch of the Blue Button  
  • No disease-causing bacteria & viruses
  • Effectively reduces chlorine & other 140 harmful chemicals
  • Improves taste, smell & clarity  
  • Retains beneficial minerals & nutrients in drinking water

Great convenience

  • No more bottled water deliveries
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • No heavy bottles or containers to carry and store
  • Flexible installation: with "quick-connector" to the faucet or more permanently to the water pipeline

Elegant and Sleek  
  • Patented water purifier specially developed & designed to complement any kitchen  
  • Saves space: can be simply placed on the kitchen counter or easily attached to the wall  
Unlimited amount of drinking water for less money  
  • One time buy, a lifetime of usage
  • No heavy expenses on bottled water
  • No costly maintenance


  • No unnecessary waste of plastic bottles & water containers
  • Low energy consumption
The UV400 is developed, produced and marketed by GLOW AB.

GLOW AB Kopparbergsvägen 6, 722 13 Västerås, Sweden